Where are you located, exactly?
What should I wear to class?
What should I bring with me?
Do you provide any refreshments prior to class?
What if I'm running late?
What if I need to leave early?
Is the facility clean?
What is meditation?
How long should I meditate?
What if I don’t have the time?
What are good classes to start with?
What will I sit on in meditation class?
I tried to meditate and it didn't work. Am I doing it all wrong?
Help! I'm not sure I can sit still or stop thinking for that long.
Is mindfulness really a superpower?
What are the benefits of meditation?
How is stress affecting my brain?
What are the most common meditation misconceptions?
There are so many meditation mobile apps out there, how is this program different?
What will I lay on in the power nap session?
Help! I don't think I can fall asleep in 20 minutes!?
What if I want to nap longer than 20 minutes?
How many people can fit in a single napping space?
Is my space private?
Will I hear other people snoring or other loud sounds that could disturb my nap?
What about the lighting?
What are the benefits of napping?
Help! I still have so many more questions! Or maybe just a couple.